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Scripts for your Website or Blog

You can use the Puzzle and games Scripts free of charge for your own Website. This page explains how to do this.


Because of very low interest – almost no one but me uses the scripts – this page will not be updated anymore. If you are interested, please contact me via email.


You have two options: You can copy the scripts to your Website or Blog or you can use the scripts from www.janko.at

In either case you need two files or links to these files:

The first file is the same for all puzzles and games; the second file is specific to the puzzle or game; e.g.

Which puzzle/game specific file you need is documented in the list of puzzle and game scripts.

However, you must create a HTML file which looks like this:

 <script src="https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Puzzle.js"</script>
 <script src="https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Fillomino.js"</script>
<script id="data" type="application/x-janko">
unit 30
size 10
3 6 1 7 3 - - 3 1 -
- - - - - - - - 2 -
- 1 - - - - - 4 1 -
- 6 - - - - - - - -
- 7 - - 4 6 - 1 2 -
- 1 4 - 7 6 - - 3 -
- - - - - - - - 2 -
- 3 2 - - - - - 3 -
- 1 - - - - - - - -
- 6 4 - - 2 1 3 4 4
3 6 1 7 3 2 3 3 1 -
3 6 6 7 3 2 3 2 2 3
3 1 6 7 3 4 6 4 1 3
2 6 6 7 4 4 6 4 4 4
2 7 7 7 4 6 6 1 2 2
6 1 4 4 7 6 3 3 3 1
6 3 3 4 7 6 7 2 2 3
6 3 2 4 7 7 7 7 3 3
6 1 2 1 4 2 3 3 4 4
6 6 4 4 4 2 1 3 4 4
<script>new Fillomino().run("data");</script> 

The puzzle data are embedded within the HTML as a custom script (this is a standard conform method according to the W3C).

You can use any ID for the puzzle data (red). You can embed several puzzles in one page using different IDs. You must change the path specifications (blue) if you copy the files to your own website.

The format of the puzzle definition is similar for all scripts but differs in detail. A formal description of the puzzle data is t .b. d.

You can specify several puzzles at once:

<script id="data" type="application/x-janko">
<script>new Fillomino().run("data");</script> 

In this case some additional buttons are displayed to navigate between the puzzles (»previous puzzle«, »next puzzle« and »select puzzle by number«).

List of all Puzzle and Game Scripts

Click on a column header to sort the table.

Rätsel, Spiel, Puzzle, Game Javascript File
ABC End View https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/AbcEndView.js
ABC Kombi  
ABC Pfad, ABC Path https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/AbcPath.js
Akari https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Akari.js
Alphametiken, Alphametics  
Anglers, Angler https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Anglers.js
Arukone https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Arukone.js
Arukone² https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Arukone.js
Arukone³ https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Arukone.js
Battlemines https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Battleships.js
Battleships https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Battleships.js
Black Box  
Burokku https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Burokku.js
Chocona https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Chocona.js
Corral https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Corral.js
Country Road https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Country.js
Creek https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Creek.js
Curving Road  
Detektivschach, Detektive Chess https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/ChessPlace.js
Dominoes https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Dominos.js
Doppelblock, Double Block https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Doubleblock.js
Ebony & Ivory https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Ebony.js
Eulero https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Eulero.js
Farbflutung, Color Flood  
Fillodoku https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Fillodoku.js
Fillomino https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Fillomino.js
Fobidoshi https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Fobidoshi.js
Foseruzu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Regions.js
Fuzuli https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Fuzuli.js
Galaxien, Galaxies https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Regions.js
Gappy https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Gappy.js
Gokigen Naname https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Gokigen.js
Grand Tour https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/GrandTour.js
Hakyuu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Hakyuu.js
Hashiwokakero https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Hashi.js
Hashiwokakero² https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Hashi.js
Hebi-Ichigo https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Hebi.js
Heyawake https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Heyawake.js
Hidoku https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Hidoku.js
Hitori https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Hitori.js
Japanische Summen, Japanese Sums https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Japsums.js
Jump Game  
Kakurasu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kakurasu.js
Kakuro https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kakuro.js
Kendoku https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kendoku.js
Ketten, Link-A-Pix https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Ketten.js
Killer Sudoku https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kendoku.js
Kipplabyrinthe, Tilt Mazes  
Knossos https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Regions.js
Kreuzzahlen, Cross Numbers  
Kuromasu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kuromasu.js
Kurotto https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kurotto.js
LITS https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/LITS.js
Lampions https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Lampions.js
Lateinische Summen, Latin Sums https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Latsums.js
Leuchttürme, Lighthouses https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Lighthouses.js
Linesweeper https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Linesweeper.js
Magnete, Magnets https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Magnets.js
Master Mind https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Mastermind.js
Masyu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Masyu.js
Masyu² https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Masyu.js
Mathrax https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Mathrax.js
Mauerbau, Walls https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Walls.js
Minesweeper https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Minesweeper.js
Miss Lupun https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/MissLupun.js
Mochikoro https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Mochikoro.js
Mosaik, Mosaic https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Mosaik.js
Mäander, Meander https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Maeander.js
Nachbarn, Neighbours https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Regions.js
Nanbaboru https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Nanbaboru.js
Nonogramms https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Nonogram.js
Norinori https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Norinori.js
Nurikabe https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Nurikabe.js
Parkplatz, Parking Lot  
Patchwork https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Patchwork.js
Peintoeria https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Peintoeria.js
Pentominos, Pentominoes  
Pfeilpfad, Arrow Path  
Pfeilzahlen, Arrow Numbers  
Pillen, Pills https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Pills.js
Pipeline https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Pipeline.js
Pipelink https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Pipelink.js
Polyominos, Polyominoes  
Rechengitter, Cross Math https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/CrossMath.js
Reflect https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Reflect.js
Regenwolken, Rain Clouds https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Rainclouds.js
Rekuto https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Rectangles.js
Same Game  
Sashigane https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Sashigane.js
Schiebepuzzle, Moving Blocks  
Schlange, Snake https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Snake.js
Seek Numbers https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Seeknum.js
Shakashaka https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Shakashaka.js
Shimaguni https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Shimaguni.js
Sikaku, Shikaku https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Rectangles.js
Slitherlink https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Slitherlink.js
Spotlight https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Spotlight.js
Sprunglabyrinthe, Jump Mazes  
Spukschloss, Haunted Maze https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Haunted.js
Sternenhaufen, Star Cluster https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Starcluster.js
Sternenhimmel, Star Map https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Starmap.js
Sternennacht, Starry Night https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Starnight.js
Sternenschlacht, Star Battle https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Starbattle.js
Str8ts https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/StraighWts.js
Sudoku 1) https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Sudoku.js
Sukrokuro https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Kakuro.js
Suraromu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Suraromu.js
Symbolrechnen, Cryparithm https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Cryptarithm.js
Tairupeinto https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tairupeinto.js
Tapa https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tapa.js
Tasukuea https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tasukuea.js
Tateboo Yokoboo https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Teteboo.js
Theseus und Minotaurus, Theseus and Minotaur  
Tohu wa Vohu https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tohuwavohu.js
Toichika https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Toichiks.js
Trace Numbers https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tracenum.js
Türen, Doors https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Doors.js
Vier Winde, Four Winds https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Winds.js
Wolkenkratzer, Skyscrapers https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Skyscrapers.js
Wortwandlung, Wordmorph  
Yagit https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Yagit.js
Yajilin https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Yajilin.js
Yajisan-Kazusan https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Yajisan.js
Yakuso https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Yakuso.js
Zahlenlabyrinth, Number Maze https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Numbermaze.js
Zahlenschlange, Number Snake https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Numbersnake.js
Zehnergitter, Tenner Grid https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Zehnergitter.js
Zeltlager, Tents and Trees https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tents.js
Zeltlager², Tents and Trees² https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Tents2.js
Ziegelmauer, Bricks https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Bricks.js
Zipline https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Zipline.js
Zitatemix, Citations  

1) Sudoku includes several variants: Standard-Sudoku of any size with none, regular or irregular regions, diagonals, Kropki, Greater-Than, Odd-Even, Consecutive. There are several predefined layouts: Single, Gattai-2, Gattai-3, Samurai, Sumo, Flower, Butterfly. Other layouts can be customized.

Configuration of the Scripts

There are five areas for customization:

In general, configuration of a script may look like this:

<script id="data" type="application/x-janko">
 var p = new Fillomino();
 p.enable.solution = false;  

The blue line is an example for one of the many settings; in particular this setting disables the »show solution« function. For a description see the List of all configuration params.

If you need the same configuration many times, e.g. to translate all strings to a language not supported from stock, you should provide the configuration in a separate script file:

 <script src="Customize.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
 <script src="https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Puzzle.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
 <script src="https://www.janko.at/Scripts/js/Fillomino.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script id="data" type="application/x-janko">
 var p = new Fillomino();

The script file Customize.js may look like this:

function customize (p)
  if (!p) return;
  p.enable.solution = false;
  p.uic.canvas = "#bbbbbb";
  p.uic.text = "#aaaa33";
  p.ius.author = "?втор";
  p.ius.source = "И?точник";
  p.ius.title = "?азвание";
  p.ius.size = "Размер";


The format of a function switch is:

var p = new(puzzle);
p.enable.function = true | false;

puzzle is the specific puzzle program (e.g. Fillomino, Akari); function is one of the values in the following tables:

Function Default Description
loadsave false the user can load and save a game state from/on the server (must be supported by the server)
undoredo true the user can undo/redo moves
zoom true the user can zoom the diagram
check true the user can check the current game state and mark all errors
solution true the user can display the solution
hint true the user can request a hint


The colors used by the script can be customized to meet the design of the Web page in which the puzzle/game is embedded. The format of a color specification is as follows:

var p = new(puzzle);
p.uic.color = "#rrggbb";

puzzle is the the name if the puzzle/game (e.g. Fillomino, Akari)

rr is the red value (00~FF),
gg is the green value (00~FF) and
is the blue value (00~FF).

color is one of the values specified in the following table:

Global Use
Color Standard Description
toolbarPanel #cccccc background of the toolbar
toolbarText #000000 text in the toolbar
messagePanel #cccccc background of the message line
messageText #000000 text of the message line
infoPanel #eeeeee background of the info line below the toolbar
infoText #000000 text of the info line below the toolbar
canvas #eeeeee background of the unsolved diagram
solved #33cc33 background of the solved diagram
label #eeeeee text of label cells around the diagram
edge #000000 border of the diagram
wall #000000 border of regions inside of the diagrams
grid #aaaaaa grid lines
text #000000 values entered by the user in white cells
text2 #ffffff values entered by the user in black cells
clue #3333ff given values in white cells
clue2 #ccccff given values in dark cells
cursor #ff0000 cursor frame
error #ff0000 error markers
smarkers #776655 symbol markers
vmarkers #660000 value markers
... ... ...
Specific Use
Color Standard Description
white #ffffff background of white cells
gray #dddddd background of gray cells
black #333333 background of black cells
cross #666666 crosses in cells
line #aaaaaa lines through cells

Note: The color #414243 must not be used!


Each script comes with built-in icons. If you want to provide your own icons you must specify these as follows:

var p = new(puzzle);
p.icons.id = "url";

url is the URL of the icon file or a data-URL, e.g.

p.icons.save = "save.gif";
p.icons.save = "https://domain/icons/save.png";
p.icons.save =  "...";

Data-URLs are preferable because of better performance (no additional http round trips).

id is one of the following id-values:

id Icon Description
prev previous puzzle
next next puzzle
reset reset puzzle
load load game state
save save game state
undoall undo all moves
undo undo one move
redo redo one move
redoall redo all moves
cmarker color markers
smarker symbol markers
vmarker value markers
hint show a hint
solution show the solution
check check solution
zoom zoom diagram
tilt tilt on/off
info info and feedback


The scripts contain user interface strings in English, German, French and Italian. The language actually used depends on the preferred content language defined in the browser used. If the preferred language if not supported, English is used.

You may define the user interface strings for a language not supported from stock as follows:

var p = new(puzzle);
p.cc[n] = "cc";
p.id[n] = "string";

n is a number >= 10 (0~9 is reserved for languages supported from stock).

cc is the ISO Language Code of the language to be defined. For example, to define a Russian translation:

var p = new(puzzle);
var n = 10;
p.cc[n] = "ru";
p.author[n] = "?втор";

User interface strings in English, German, French and Italian:

id Englisch Deutsch Französisch Italienisch
cc en de fr it
puzzle Puzzle Rätsel Enigme Enigma
author Author Autor Createur Autore
source Source Quelle Origine Origine
title Title Titel Titre Titulo
size Size Größe Dimension Dimensioni
score Score Punkte Score Punteggio
moves Moves Züge Coups Mosse
level Level Level Niveau Livello
error Error Fehler Erreur Errori
numbers Numbers Zahlen Nombres Numeri
letters Letters Buchstaben Lettres Lettre
yes Yes Ja Oui Si
no No Nein Non No
accept Accept Annehmen Accepter Accetta
reject Reject Ablehnen Rejeter Rifiuta
remove Remove Entfernen Enlever Eliminare
cancel Cancel Abbrechen Annuler Cancella
close Close Schließen Fermer Chiudi
start Start Start Commencer Apri
mail Mail Mail Mail Mail
auto Auto Auto    
server Server Server Serveur Server
local Local Lokal Local Locale
load Save Speichern    
save Load Laden    
zoom Zoom Zoom    
color0 Default Standard Standard Predefinito
color1 Red Rot Rouge Rosso
color2 Green Grün Vert Verde
color3 Blue Blau Bleu Blu
color4 Yellow Gelb Jaune Giallo
color5 Magenta Magenta Magenta Magenta
color6 Cyan Cyan Cyan Azurro
color7 Orange Orange Orange Arancione
color8 Violet Violett Violet Viola
color9 Lemon Lemon Lemon Limone
id cc Text
nocanvas en HTML5 Canvas is not supported. Please use a more modern browser.
de HTML5 Canvas ist nicht unterstützt. Bitte verwenden sie einen moderneren Browser.
nodata en No puzzle data. Please contact the Webmaster.
de Keine Rätseldaten. Bitte wenden Sie sich an den Webmaster.
solved en Congratulations: You solved the puzzle
de Gratulation: Sie haben das Rätsel gelöst
fr Félicitations: Vous avez résolu le Enigme
it Congratulazioni: Hai risolto il puzzle
saving en Saving the game status...
de Spielstand speichern...
fr Sauver le situation du jeu...
it Salvare la situazione di puzzle...
saved en Game status saved for 10 days
de Spielstand für 10 Tage gespeichert
fr Situation du jeu est sauvée dans 10 jours
it Ubicazione del puzzle è salvato per 10 giorni
notsaved en Error: Game status not saved
de Fehler: Spielstand nicht gespeichert
fr Erreur: Situation du jeu ne peut pas être écrit correctement
it Errori: Il ubicazione del puzzle non potrebbe essere scritta
loading en Loading the game status...
de Spielstand laden...
fr Chargement le situation du jeu...
it Caricamento del ubicazione del puzzle...
loaded en Game status loaded
de Spielstand geladen
fr Situation du jeu chargée correctement
it Ubicazione del puzzle è stato caricato correttamente
notloaded en Error: Game status not loaded
de Fehler: Spielstand nicht geladen
fr Erreur: Situation du jeu ne peut pas être lu
it Errori: Ubicazione del puzzle non può essere riprodotto
solving en Searching for solutions...
de Suche nach Lösungen...
fr La recherche de solutione...
it Ricerca di soluzioni...
nosol en No solution found
de Keine Lösung gefunden
fr Aucune solution trouvée
it Nessuna soluzione trovata
onesol en Unique solution found
de Eindeutige Lösung gefunden
fr Unique solution trouvée
it Unica soluzione trovata
manysol en Several solutions found
de Mehrere Lösungen gefunden
fr Plusieurs solutions trouvées
it Diverse soluzioni trovate


There are more configuration params:

var p = new(puzzle);
p.config.id = "zeichenfolge";

id is one of the values from the following table:

id Standard Beschreibung
appid "oj-" Prefix for all CSS IDs used for script-created HTML elements. If a script is invoked more than once in a single HTML file each invocation must use a different CSS ID.
cookie "oj-" Prefix for the names of all cookies used by the scripts; e.g. to store the user's name or the user's mail address.

Server Support

All scripts can communicate with the Web server; i.e. send information to the server and read answers from the server. This must be supported by the Web server by custom scripts.

Features which need support by the Web servers are:

The server script should be prepared to handle (i.e. ignore) new features in future versions of the scripts.

Enabling the server support

To enable server support a script on the server must be provided by the Webmaster. The name of this script must be specified by config params:

id Standard Beschreibung
mailScript null is invoked if the user hits the SEND button in the info page
timingScript null is invoked when a puzzle has been solved
loadsaveScript null Zuständig für das sichern und Wiederherstellen von Spielständen auf dem Server
solutionScript null Wird aufgerufen, wenn ein Anwender eine Lösung gefunden hat, die nicht mit der vordefinierten Lösung übereinstimmt (in den meisten Fällen ist dies eine unerwünschte Zweitlösung)
exceptionScript null Wird aufgerufen, wenn im Script ein Fehler aufgetreten ist (zwecks Diagnose)


var p = new(puzzle);
p.config.timingScript = "https://my.server.tld/timing.php";

Note that the pid (puzzle ID) param is optional. If specified, it can be used to identify the user and/or the puzzle in the server script. If pid is omitted, the puzzle can still be identified by examining the &ref param (see below).

URL params

Several URL params are provided by the script when the server script is invoked:


Note that not all URL params are provided for all cmds.


&cmd= load | save | solution | timing | exception

specifies that the current event. Please keep in mind that future versions of the applets may support additional events.


is the number of rows of the puzzle


is the number of columns of the puzzle


is the puzzle ID as specified via the pid applet param. pid may encode a database key or a user name or even several items, e.g. "user,key"


is the URL of the page in which the applet is embedded.


is the time the user needed to solve the puzzle (in seconds)


is the time between the puzzle was loaded and the solution has been found (in seconds)


name of the solver if the solver enters his name in the "send solution" dialog.


score of the game; e.g. number of moves or number of points


is the error message for the exception


is the name of the method which caused the exception

Post body

The post body may contain huge text information which depends on cmd:

The response of the server must be:

Please note that the server must respond in any case, even if a cmd is not supported.


The timing script is invoked every time a puzzle has been solved successfully.

cmd timing
url params pid, r, c, utime, etime, ref
post body n/a
returns "ok" | error message

Two time values are provided to the timing script and it is up to the server script to evaluate one of them or both.

etime (elapsed time) is the time between the puzzle was loaded and the solution has been found. If a puzzle was loaded on Wed at 0:00 and the solution has been found on Thu 8:00 then etime = 115200 (=3600*32).

utime (used time) is the time the puzzler really needed to solve the puzzle. Let's explain this using an example:  The puzzle was loaded on Wed at 0:00 and the solution has been found on Thu at 8:00. On Wed 1:00 the game score was saved and on Thu 7:00 the game score was loaded again. Between 7:15 and 7.30 on Thu the user was in a phone call and did not work on the solution of the puzzle. In this case utime =  6300 (=115200 -108000-900; 115200 is the elapsed time, 108000 is the time between save and load and 900 is the time the user was in the phone call).

Any time period longer than 5 minutes without activity – no keyboard input, no mouse click, no mouse movement) is considered as inactivity and does not count as "used time". (This is how the phone call in the example above is identified.)

Save and Load

The Save script is invoked every time the user selects the "save to server" button; the Load script is invoked every time the user selects the "load from server" button.

cmd save load
url params pid, ref pid, ref
post body game score n/a
returns "ok" | error msg game state | error msg

pid and/or ref can be used to identify the puzzle and/or the user. The game score the server must send back for load must be identical to that one sent with save. The game score is a character string of variable length.


The solution script is invoked when a puzzle was solved by an user and the solution is not identical with the solution provided by the author.

cmd solution
url params pid, r, c, utime, etime, solver, score, ref
post body solution
returns "ok" | error msg


The exception script is invoked when an exception (i.e. an error, a crash) occurs.

cmd exception
url params pid, method, msg, ref
post body diagnosis information
returns "ok" | error msg

msg is a short description of the problem; method the the routine in which the exception occured; the post body provides additional information:

In most cases the exception is caused by a faulty puzzle definition.






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