Retroanalyse im Schach

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Kurze Beweispartien

von Mark Kirtley

5 - Gianni Donati

Probleemblad 6, 2001


12+13. Beweispartie in 7.0 Zügen



1. Bd2-d3  Be7-e6
2. Lc1-e3  Sg8-e7
3. Le3:a7  Se7-c6 
4. La7:b8  Ta8:a2
5. Sg1-f3  Ta2:b2
6. Sf3-d2  Tb2:b1 
7. Sd2:b1  Sc6:b8

This answers in a single line of play the same challenge as No.1 does. Gianni asks if somehow a problem with two such imposter pieces, but Rooks instead of Knights, or a Rook and a Knight, might be composed.