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Kurze Beweispartien

von Mark Kirtley

1 - Michel Caillaud

Problemesis, April 2001


14+15. Beweispartie in 6.0 Zügen. a) Diagramm b) Sb8 nach g8



a) Diagramm b) Sb8 nach g8
1. Bd2-d4  Sb8-a6
2. Lc1-h6  Sg8:h6
3. Be2-e3  Sh6-f5
4. Lf1:a6  Sf5:d4
5. Bc2-c4  Sd4-c6
6. Dd1-a4  Sc6-b8
1. Bd2-d4  Sg8-h6
2. Lc1:h6  Sb8-c6
3. Be2-e3  Sc6:d4
4. Lf1-a6  Sd4-f5
5. Bc2-c4  Sf5:h6
6. Dd1-a4  Sh6-g8

Yes, the stipulated twinning in the second part is a broad and thematic hint to the solution! A knight is diagrammed in it's partner's home square, and the challenge answered here was for this theme to be doubled. A further challenge: can an SPG be composed in which a Knight enters and leaves that square, without that knight capturing any unit?