Stuttgarter Zeitung

Christmas Contest, 2001 - SOLUTIONS

102 participants sent there solutions, 85 of them with the correct answers for problem A and B. The following winner are drawn by lots:

1st price (micro stereo-system): Otto Stolz, Konstanz

2nd price (Philips video recorder): Michael Engel, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

3rd price (espresso machine): Frithjof Foehl, Aalen

There was an unexpected incident: The solutions for A + B were published on a web page for win contest cheater, but thanks to the hint of Robert Miklos those emails (around hundred) were not taken into account.

55 people also took part in contest for the positions C-E, 21 of them with correct solutions (bookprices):

Hans Bergmann, Norbert Geissler, Kurt Lorenz, Michael Engel, Norbert Derksen, Martin Bauer, Horst Kiemele, Rudolf Eilenberger, Jens Guballa, Ulrich Knoepp, Gabriele Bauers, Martin Both, Peter Erbacher, Rainer Francke, Henrik Juel, Hannu Lehto, Peter Lau, Thomas Lutzius, Nils Empacher, Lutz Stephan and Juergen Berthel.

Also correct solutions but with insufficient substantiations were contributed by: B. Schuh, H. Poethig, Irma Maurer, H.-K. Nusser, Maier/Sandau and B. Fauth.

A - B. Larsson
Feenschach 1954 (position mirrowed).


(2+2) White retracts one move, then mate in one.


White retracts Kf7xNf8, then g6-g7#

Kf7-f8 is insufficient, because black would have no last move.

B - W. Hartston


 (6+0) Mate in one. Color the pieces!


Only black figure is Kd8. 1. Nc6#

bKb8 and bRa8 (1. Nc6#) is not possible, because also here black would have no last move.

C - Werner Keym
Stuttgarter Zeitung, 2001


(15+8) Mate in one. a) Diagram b) wRg3 to e8. How many solutions?


a) only 1. Nb4#, b) only 1...h2xg1=Q#

D - Josef Haas, Version by G. Weeth


(9+11+1) Add a Black Pawn so that White can mate in 4 moves.


+bPd6, 1. Bc7, black may not castle anymore

E: Reprint


(10+12) White moves and wins.


1. 0-0! wins, because black castling is illegal

More details will follow in the next issue of the chess column.