Stuttgarter Zeitung

Christmas Competition, 2000

The German paper 'Stuttgarter Zeitung' has a competition this year which includes five retro problems.

For the first two problems, the following prizes can be won: Stereo-set, cordless phone, coffee machine, and various book prizes.

For the last three problems (which are presented as a "bonus"), three copies of the booklet 'Tatort Schachbrett' (place of crime: chess board) by Josef Haas will be given away.

1 - Motwani/Merkin


4+2. White just promoted.
(a): How can black force a draw now?
(b): Black never promoted. What was the position before white's last move?
(c): Instead of the move that lead to the diagram, how could white win?

2 - Karl Reichart
(Version by Günther Weeth/Werner Keym)


11+13. Add both kings, and mate in 1. How many solutions?

3 - Josef Haas


12+8. Mate in 1.

4 - Werner Keym & Günther Weeth
(Corrected version)


10+9. White retracts his last move, and then mates in 3.

5 - Unknown


11+10. Add a black unit (piece or pawn), and then mate in 1.