No. 3, Jul-Sep 1998

R0005 - Alessandro Cuppini

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

Retract Kc5-b6. White's pawn structure requires 11 captures. So black's last move can't have been c4xBb3, because this would require an extra capture on b3. So black's last move was b7-b5. Mate in 1 with ab6ep.

R0006 - Alessandro Cuppini

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

R0007 - Stanilav Vokal

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

a) Black's Rh8 was captured in the northeast prison. So on b3 and g3 white captured two bishops. On c6 black captured the missing white rook. a2xb3 was played after black captured on c6, and this capture is needed to free the a1-rook. So on c6, black captured the white h1-rook, and the rook currently on that square is the rook originally from a1. So white may not castle.

b) Now the bishop from c8 could get captured on b3 before the black d-pawn captured on c5. So white may still castle.

R0008 - Henrik Juel

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

Add pawns on a3,b2,c3,d2,e2,f3,g2,h2. The white rook can't have escaped to h3. Removing any pawn will result in a legal position. Note that a3 may not be on a2, since removing the rook will still result in an illegal position, since the king can't have passed the pawn barrier then!

R0009 - Michel Caillaud

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

The white pawns captured g6xf7, f5xg6 and bxa. White promoted twice, on a8 and h8. The last moves were: -1. .. Qa5-c3 -2. a7-a8=N Rb8-b7 -3. a6-a7. The black rook goes back to e4 via g8, g7, h7, h4, e4. Then the pawn on g2 and the bishop on h1 can be freed. The bishop goes to b5, and the black queen can be freed. The blacksquared white bishop now goes to b4, and the black rook goes to a4 via b8, b5, a5, and a4. The white bishop now moves away from b4, and the black rook goes to c4. The white king now can escape via a4.

So the black rook necessarily visited a4, a5, b5, b7, b8, c4, e4, g7, g8, h4 and h7.

P0010 - C.C. Frankiss

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

1. Nf3 h5 2. Ne5 Rh6 3. Nd7 Rc6 4. Nb8 Be6 5. Nc6 Ba2 6. Ne7 Bb1 7. Ng8 Be7 8. Ne7 Qe7

P0011v - Mark Kirtley

StrateGems 4, Oct-Dec 1998 for the corrected version

Dedicated to Gianni Donati

1. a4 h5 2. a5 Rh6 3. a6 Ra6 4. Nf3 Ra1 5. Ne5 Rb1 6. Nd7 Nd7 7. g3 Nb6 8. Bg2 Qd5 9. Bh3 Qh1 10. Bf1 Qc6 11. Bg2 Kd7 12. Bh3 Kd6 13. Bf1 Qd7

P0012 - Paul Raican

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

P0013 - Michel Caillaud

StrateGems 3, Jul-Sep 1998

Dedicated to Mark Kirtley

1. Nc3 Nc6 2. Nd5 Nd4 3. Ne7 Ke7 4. Nh3 Kf6 5. Nf4 Kg5 6. Nd5 Qf6 7. Nc3 Qf3 8. ef3 Bd6 9. Bb5 Bg3 10. Bc6 bc6 11. Ne2 Ba6 12. Ng1 Re8 13. Qe2 Re3 14. d3 Ne7 15. Bd2 Ra8 16. OOO