Solutions 1996

8419 - ?#8364;rpàd Molnàr

Black's last move was h5xg4. So black's captures were e5xf4, g7xh6, and f7xg6xh5xg4. So all white queenside-pawns promoted on d8 to get captured by the black pawns. This requires 6 captures. So g3 came from h2.
The last moves were: -1. .. h5xNg4 -2. Qh8-g7 g7xNh6 -3. Be8-g6 g6xNh5 -4. Rf8-f6 f7xNg6 -5. Nf6-h5 Kh5-g5 -6. Nd5-f6. Now white unpromotes four knights on d8, and the whole position is released.

8421 - Nikita Plaksin

The last three moves were -1. Kh8xNg7[->e1] Ne8-g7 -2. Kg8-h8.

8490 - Unto Heinonen

1. f4 2. f5 3. f6 4. fg7 5. gh8=R 6. Rh7 7. Rh4 8. Rb4 9. h4 10. h5 11. h6 12. h7 13. hg8=B 14. Bh7 15. Be4 16. Bc6 17. e4 18. Ke2 19. Kd3 20. Kc4 21. Kb5 22. Bc4 23. Ne2 24. Qg1 25. Qa7 26. Qa8 27. Qa3 28. Qc3 29. a4 30. a5 31. a6 32. a7 33. a8=N 34. Nb6 35. Nc8 36. Ne7 37. Nf5 38. Nfd4 39. Nb3 40. d4 41. Bg5 42. Bd8 43. Bc7 44. Kb6 45. Ka7 46. Ka8 47. Ra7 48. Na3 49. Ra1 50. Ra2 51. Na1 52. b3 53. Qb2

8570 - Goran Forslund

(a) 1. Nc3 Nf6 2. Nd5 Nd5(=w) 3. Nb4 Nc6 4. Nc6(=b)
(b) 1. Nc3 e6 2. Nd5 ed5(=w) 3. d6 Ne7 4. de7(=b) Nc6

8583 - Tom Volet

White captures are h2xg3xf4xe5xd6xc7, d2xe3, and g2xf3. Black captures are hxg, axb and e7xd6.
e7xd6 was played after white captured d6xPc7. On the route to c7, white captured both Rh8 and Ra8, so the black pawns currently on g2 and b5 were at least on h5 and b6. Because f7-f6 was played after the black bishop from f8 left, the pawn was still on f7 at the moment white played d6xPc7. This implies that at that moment, Qd8 and Ke8 were still at their homesquare too. So d2xBe3 and g2xQf3 were played after e7xd6. Because c2-c3 was played after the white bishop from c1 left, at the moment of playing d6xPc7 both white bishops, Ra1, Qd1 and Ke1 were still at home.
So at one moment, the position must have looked like this:


Now the play is: n. e5xd6 b6-b5 n+1. d6xc7 h5-h4 n+2. Re6-d6 e7xd6. To get the black king to a1, he had to go over h4 and h3, so black captured hxQg before the black king went to the first line.
This leads to the following last moves: -1. Rd2-d1 g3-g2 -2. Na3-b1 Kb1-a1 -3. Nc2-a3.

Truly amazing to see that black's last move is unique!