Proof Game Shorties II

by Mark Kirtley (in: Probleemblad 2-2000)

Following the first article (PB 1999-3), here is another collection of proof games with solutions in no more than 7.0 moves. They are all shortest proof games this time.
No. 1 has a deceptively tranquil look in that no surviving piece is away from home, and in the next three examples no pawn is away either. This suggests a history of switchbacks, and one of the four compositions has a remarkable abundance of them, while another hasn't any at all.
Peter's No. 5 is perhaps the only proof game ever composed with three equal-length solutions without twinning. There were two shorty composing challenges given in the first article. One of them asked for an AUW, although I had real doubts that it was possible. But in No. 7 Gianni presents it to us. The other challenge was for two tempo maneuvers on the same side in one line of play. No. 8 is an answer from the combined efforts of Joost, Gianni and Michel, which incredibly has a third tempo on the other side.
All the examples following No. 8 also have tempo play. Gerd's No. 9 has now-you-see-them-now-you-don't cross-captures. The quiet attractiveness of the five-move tempo trek in Pascal's No. 10 is combined with a second surprise. No. 11 has a theme and an anti-theme. Michel's No. 12 gives the seeker of beauty a lot to smile about. One of its themes has a name, but I think the other one is new. Many thanks to those composers who contributed their suggestions and originals!

1 - Martin W. Hoffmann
Schweizer Schachzeitung 1989

[rsbqkbsr/pppp2pp/5p2/4p3/8/3P4/PPP1PPPP/RSB1KBSR] (solution)

15+16. Proof game in 4.0 moves
(b): -bQd8

2 - Gianni Donati

[r1bqkbsr/pp1pppp1/8/8/8/8/P1PPPP2/RSQBKBS1] (solution)

12+13. Proof game in 7.0 moves

3 - Gianni Donati

[rsb1kbsr/ppp1p1pp/8/8/8/8/PPP1PPPP/RSBQKBSR] (solution)

15+13. Proof game in 5.5 moves

4 - Peter Wong
Phénix 1994

[rsbqkbsr/ppp2ppp/8/8/8/8/2PPPPPP/RSBQKBSR] (solution)

14+14. Proof game in 6.0 moves (2 solutions)

5 - Peter Wong
Problem Observer 1995
First prize

[rs2k1sr/ppp2ppp/8/8/8/2Pq2b1/PP1PPPPP/RSBQKBSR] (solution)

16+13. Proof game in 6.5 moves (3 solutions)

6 - Mark Kirtley

[rs2kbsr/p2ppppp/1pp5/2qb4/8/3PP3/PPP2PPP/RS1QK1SR] (solution)

14+16. Proof game in 7.0 moves (2 solutions)

7 - Gianni Donati

[rs1q2sr/pp3ppp/4k3/1bbpp3/8/8/PPP1PPPP/RSBQKBSR] (solution)

15+14. Proof game in 7.0 moves (4 variations)

8 - Joost de Heer, Gianni Donati & Michel Caillaud

[rsbqkrs1/pppp2pp/4p3/5p2/7P/8/1PPPPPP1/1SBQKBSR] (solution)

14+15. Proof game in 7.0 moves

9 - Gerd Wilts
Retros Mailinglist 1997

[rsb2b1r/ppppqkpp/4pp2/3s4/8/3PP3/PPP3PP/RSB1KBSR] (solution)

14+16. Proof game in 7.0 moves

10 - Pascal Wassong
Retros Mailinglist 1999

[rs1qkbsr/ppp1pp1p/3p4/8/8/7P/PPPPPP1P/RSBQKb1R] (solution)

14+15. Proof game in 7.0 moves

11 - Mark Kirtley & Michel Caillaud

[1sbqkbsr/1ppppppp/8/8/1p4Qr/8/2PP1KPP/RSB2BSR] (solution)

12+16. Proof game in 7.0 moves (2 solutions)

12 - Michel Caillaud

[r3kb1r/pp2pbpp/8/3p4/3s4/8/PPPP1PPP/RSBQKBSR] (solution)

15+12. Proof game in 7.0 moves (2 solutions)