Retro Problems and Solutions

Scacco is an Italian-language magazine devoted to chess and aimed at players. It has a problem column and a review column about retros and chess-maths (run by Mario Velucchi).

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1 - Thomas Volet
Scacco!, Nov. 1996


12+11. Last 6 White moves?

2 - Gianni Donati
Scacco!, Nov. 1996

[2bnnb2/1pPqkrp1/1pRrpp2/1Kpp4/5N2/8/2Bp3P/1N1Q3R] (solution)

9+16. Mate in 1

3 - Mario Velucchi
Scacco!, June 1994

[nrb2rk1/1pppp1pp/1p3p2/8/1n6/P2N1P2/RPPPP1PP/2B2RK1] (solution)

13+14. Helpmate in 2. (Last two moves were White/Black O-O)

9 - Stanislav Vokal
Scacco!, Jul.-Aug. 1998, Nr.7/8

[2bqk2r/1p1pp1p1/1pn2n2/2p4p/8/1PN2NP1/1PPPPPP1/4K2R] (solution)

12+13. Who may castle?
(b) Pc5 -> f5

10 - Stanislav Vokal
Scacco!, Jul.-Aug. 1998, Nr.7/8


2+9. Proca-retractor. Wh. retracts 4 moves and mates in 1

11 - Tom Volet
Scacco!, Jul.-Aug. 1998, Nr.7/8
GD ded. G. Donati


14+11. Solve the position

12 - Andrey Frolkin
Scacco!, Jul.-Aug. 1998, Nr.7/8

[1n1qk3/1pp1npp1/1pp2p1r/3r3p/4b3/b7/P2PP1PP/RNBQKBNR] (solution)

13+16. Shortest proof game in 11 moves (Zeroposition)

a) without Pd2
b) Pa2 -> a5
c) without Pe2