What was the Last Move?

For each move type, e.g. plain moves, capturing moves, etc.: What is the smallest number of pieces such that the last move is uniquely determined?

Type D: One solution assuming White has the move, another one solution assuming Black has the move

It is clear that the more the list is filled, the more difficult it gets to find new positions or to improve existing ones.

To give you some appetizer, I've included some of my own positions with 13-15 pieces which I wasn't able to reduce to 12 or less pieces. Maybe one of you can do a better job with those?!

We now have:

161 records
52 records, where both last moves are of the same nature (these are called Type DD positions)
51 records with 12 or less pieces


missing DD-positions:



To keep the list a little bit shorter, the following abbreviations are used:

rml = Retros Mailing List,

feenschach 64 = feenschach, Heft 64/1983, p.29ff

Note, that the last move combinations are normalized for ordering purposes, i.e. even if White's last move was e.g. NxR, and Black's last move was K-, this is not listed as 'NxR/K-', but as 'K-/NxR'.
To be compatible with Andrew Buchanan's website (see below), the ordering used both within on move pair as well as between move pairs is the same as for Type A-C.

Thanks to the efforts of Andrew Buchanan you can also view this list in a nice graphical manner on Andrew's webpage (Andrew also presents lists of records of other last move types, as well as some other interesting retro questions - especially about 'Dead Reckoning', so you should visit his website in any case.)

In the following list, entries marked red, indicate new records since 09.05.2007.

Mario Richter

Record List

Type D: One solution assuming White has the move, another one solution assuming Black has the move

K-/K-/12 BK6/Bpp5/1p6/8/8/1P6/bPP5/bk6 Andrew Buchanan rml 05.04.2007
K-/KxN/13 k2KRn1n/pppppp1p/6p1/8/8/8/8/8 Andrew Buchanan rml 10.04.2007
K-/Q-/15 n1K5/k1pp4/Pp6/1p6/qP6/pP6/p1PP4/8 Werner Keym rml 10.04.2007
K-/R-/14 k7/Pppp4/rp6/1K6/1P6/pP6/p1PP4/8 Werner Keym rml 10.04.2007
K-/B-/13 k7/P1pp4/Pp6/1p6/8/1P6/bPPP4/2K5 Werner Keym rml 10.04.2007
K-/N-/9 5K1N/3prppk/4p2p/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 18.02.2007
K-/NxR/11 8/8/8/8/8/5PPP/3PPKpk/4Bn1B Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
K-/P-/11 8/1p6/p7/8/8/PP6/1PkPP3/KR1b4 Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
K-/PxQ/17 8/7p/7p/8/8/PP4P1/1PkPPP1P/KR1bRN1N Werner Keym rml 09.05.2007
K-/PxN/11 8/8/8/8/8/1PPP4/KpPRP3/Bnk5 Mario Richter rml 18.02.2007
K-/PxN=Q/11 8/8/8/8/7P/5PPR/3PPk1K/4bqr1 Werner Keym rml 02.04.2007
K-/PxN=R/16 5bKR/4p1pR/5p1p/8/7P/6P1/4P1Pk/5Brr Andrew Buchanan, Werner Keym rml 28.03.2007
K-/P-=B/11 8/8/8/8/8/PP6/1PkPP1P1/KR1b1b2 Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
K-/P--/15 7k/3pp1pP/6PP/5pKp/7B/6P1/4PP1p/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym rml 12.03.2007
K-/0-0-0/17 8/p7/8/8/8/1P1PkPP1/bPPR1RPN/2KR1QB1 Werner Keym rml 03.03.2007
K-/0-0/19 8/5ppp/8/8/6P1/3PkPPp/1PPR1RPr/2BQ1RK1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
KxQ/KxQ/24 nnrNK2k/Bbrpp2p/ppp5/8/8/1P6/P1PPPPPP/N7 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym rml 10.04.2007
KxQ/KxN/13 2bbk2K/pppprp1p/4p1p1/8/8/8/8/8 Andrew Buchanan,Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 23.02.2007
KxR/KxR/22 nBqb4/K1Bpp3/1ppp4/8/8/1PPP4/k1bPP3/NbQB4 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio rml 16.03.2007
KxR/B-/11 8/8/8/8/8/1PPP4/k1KPP3/BnQB4 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio rml 16.03.2007
KxB/KxB/14 4B2q/3ppKpp/8/8/8/8/PPkPP3/Q2b4 Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
KxB/KxN/12 8/8/8/8/8/3P1P2/1PPRPrPP/2B1k2K Bernd Schwarzkopf S2 Problemkiste 153 (June 2004), p. 532
KxB/R-/9 8/8/8/8/8/PP6/KPkPP3/R2b4 Mario Richter rml 17.03.2007
KxB/P-/10 3B2qk/2ppKppp/p7/8/8/8/8/8 Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
KxB/P-=B/10 8/8/8/8/8/P7/KPkPP1P1/2qb1b2 Mario Richter rml 12.03.2007
KxN/KxN/10 8/8/8/8/8/4P3/2PPRPPP/3BK2k Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
KxN/NxQ/15 rk2NRB1/prpppKpp/1p3p2/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 23.02.2007
KxN/NxR/8 RNk5/Kppp4/p7/8/8/8/8/8 U. Grinblat problem November 1957
KxN/NxN/15 8/8/8/8/6PP/5PRQ/1P1PPRRB/4Knrk Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 23.02.2007
KxN/PxB=R/13 2bk1bRK/1pppp1pR/5p1p/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym rml 23.02.2007
KxN/PxN=R/13 8/8/8/8/8/2P2P1P/PP1PPRP1/K1Brk3 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 02.04.2007
KxN/P-=B/9 8/8/8/8/8/8/kPPP1P2/bRK1b3 Hans Gruber, Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
KxN/PxB=N/13 2bk1bNK/1pppp1pR/5p1p/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym rml 23.02.2007
KxP/KxP/24 4bb2/2pppkpP/6Rb/6rQ/5KRp/4PbB1/1P2PrPN/5B2 Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
Q-/Q-/13 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPPP4/qRbrP3/1QKB4 Thierry LE GLEUHER rml 04.03.2007
Q-/R-/13 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPPP4/rRbrP3/1QKB4 Thierry LE GLEUHER rml 04.03.2007
Q-/B-/13 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPPP4/brrRP3/K1QB4 Thierry LE GLEUHER rml 04.03.2007
Q-/BxN/14 8/8/8/8/8/3PPkPP/2PPpBbb/4K1Qn Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 03.03.2007
Q-/N-/13 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPPP4/nRbrP3/KQ1B4 Thierry LE GLEUHER rml 10.03.2007
Q-/P-/13 8/6p1/7p/8/8/4PPPk/3PPprb/5KQ1 Werner Keym rml 09.05.2007
Q-/P-=Q/14 4bKQq/3prB2/4pRPk/5ppp/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
Q-/P-=B/12 8/8/8/8/8/4PPPk/2P1PprP/3b1K1Q Werner Keym rml 11.12.2007
Q-/0-0-0/20 8/8/8/8/5PP1/1PPPkrqB/bPPR1rPN/2KR1QB1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
Q-/0-0/22 8/5ppp/8/8/4PPP1/2PPkrqp/1PrR1RPr/2BQ1RK1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
QxQ/P-=B/21 n1b5/1ppp4/1p6/8/8/3P2PP/1PPkPPRr/bQ3QKn Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio rml 17.03.2007
QxR/RxN/15 8/8/8/8/8/3PPPP1/1PPrBKPk/2Br1Q1N Werner Keym rml 11.12.2007
QxB/R-/18 8/8/8/8/8/2P1PPPP/PPRbPK1p/1BRr1QNk Werner Keym rml 11.12.2007
QxN/QxN/12 8/8/8/8/8/6P1/PPPP1PRP/q1QK1k2 Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
QxN/RxN/12 8/8/8/8/8/6P1/PPPP1PRP/r1QK1k2 Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
QxN/PxN=R/13 8/8/8/8/8/3P1P2/PP1PPRP1/KQBrk3 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 02.04.2007
QxP/QxP/26 6nK/3ppp1Q/5Pqr/5prB/5Pbn/4PrrR/3PRQRq/4B2k Werner Keym rml 25.07.2007
R-/R-/13 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPPP4/rRbrP3/1RKB4 Thierry LE GLEUHER rml 04.03.2007
R-/RxR/19 2bq2rr/1pppRK1P/4pRPk/5ppp/8/8/6PP/8 Werner Keym rml 11.12.2007
R-/B-/13 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPPP4/brrRP3/K1RB4 Thierry LE GLEUHER rml 04.03.2007
R-/N-/13 8/8/8/8/7P/4PPkr/3PP1bR/4bRKn Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
R-/P-/11 8/1p6/p7/8/8/kPP5/b1PP4/KRb5 Mario Richter rml 12.03.2007
R-/P-=Q/14 rQn5/2PPpp2/kPKpp3/p1p5/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
R-/P-=B/11 8/8/8/8/8/kPP5/b1PP1P2/KRb1b3 Mario Richter rml 12.03.2007
R-/0-0-0/19 8/p7/8/8/8/1PPPkPP1/bPPR1rPB/2KR1nQN Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
R-/0-0/21 8/5p1p/6p1/8/5PP1/2PPkrPp/1PRr1RPr/2BQ1RK1 Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
RxQ/RxQ/17 8/1p1p4/8/8/8/P1P1P2P/rP1PRPP1/kr1RKB2 Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 31.03.2007
RxB/RxB/18 8/5p1p/8/8/8/P3P1P1/rPPPRP1P/Qqk1KR1r Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 31.03.2007
RxN/RxN/9 8/8/8/8/8/P7/KPkPP3/R1rb4 Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
RxN/B-/10 8/8/8/8/1P6/kPP5/bRrP4/K1B5 Günter Eder, Günter Büsing, Hans Peter Rehm, Hemmo Axt feenschach 64
RxP/RxP/26 5bbr/2ppppnB/5p1K/5P1R/5Pqr/4PrQR/3PRQ1r/4B2k Werner Keym rml 25.07.2007
B-/B-/12 8/8/8/8/PP6/pkPP4/b1prP3/B1K5 Thierry LeGleuher rml 19.03.2007
B-/BxN/14 3BbKBk/2ppr1rb/4pppp/8/8/8/8/8 W. Dittmann, Hans Gruber, Günter Büsing, B. Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
B-/N-/11 3Bb1kN/2ppK1pp/3p2p1/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
B-/P-/11 8/6p1/7p/8/8/P2P4/P1kPP3/K1Bb4 Mario Richter rml 11.12.2007
B-/P-=R/14 bRr1B3/k1pKpp2/ppp5/8/8/P7/1P6/8 Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
B-/P-=B/11 8/8/8/8/8/P2P4/P1kPP1P1/K1Bb1b2 Werner Keym rml 15.03.2008
B-/0-0-0/19 8/p7/8/8/5P2/1PPPkrb1/bPPR1RPN/2KR1QB1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
B-/0-0/17 8/8/8/8/6P1/2PPkPPB/1PrR1RPr/2Bb1RK1 Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
BxQ/BxQ/24 8/1p2p2p/8/8/7P/P1PP1PPR/P1PkpKpp/B1brnRnr Roberto Osorio, Jorge Lois, Werner Keym rml 10.04.2007
BxR/BxR/11 4BB1b/3pRK1k/4pppp/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 03.03.2007
BxR/N-/14 5k1K/3pRP1b/4pRqN/5prb/6p1/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
BxR/PxN=Q/10 4BQ1b/3ppK1k/5ppp/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 03.03.2007
BxB/BxB/27 7n/ppp1pp1p/2p3p1/8/8/2PPPP2/1PRQqrP1/kBRNnrbK Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 23.03.2007
BxN/BxN/11 4BbnB/3ppK1k/4pp1p/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 19.03.2007
BxN/N-/11 8/8/8/8/8/PP1P4/1PkrP3/KbNb4 Mario Richter rml 15.03.2008
BxN/P-/14 4B1rb/1p1pRKBk/p3pppp/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 11.12.2007
BxN/PxN=Q/10 8/8/8/8/8/5P1P/3PPk1K/4bqnB Mario Richter rml 12.03.2007
BxN/PxN=R/10 8/8/8/8/8/5P1P/3PPk1K/4brnB Mario Richter rml 12.03.2007
BxN/P-=B/12 8/8/8/8/8/3P1P1P/2PrPP1k/4KRbB Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
BxN/P-=N/11 4BbNr/3ppK1k/4pp1p/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 10.04.2007
BxN/0-0-0/21 8/1p6/8/8/5PP1/1PPPkrrB/brPR1RPN/2KR1QB1 Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
BxP/BxP/26 5bnK/3ppp2/5PqB/5pBr/5PbR/4PrQb/2PPRQ2/4bB1k Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
N-/N-/11 8/8/8/8/8/P2P4/KPkPP3/nnNb4 Andrew Buchanan rml 16.03.2007
N-/P-/11 8/1p6/p7/8/8/3P4/PPkPP3/K1Nb4 Werner Keym rml 09.05.2007
N-/PxN/10 8/8/8/8/8/P2P4/pPkPP3/K1Nb4 Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
N-/PxN=R/11 8/8/8/8/8/4P1P1/2P1PkPP/3brN1K Werner Keym rml 02.04.2007
N-/P-=B/11 8/8/8/8/8/3P4/PPkPP1P1/K1Nb1b2 Werner Keym rml 09.05.2007
N-/P--/21 6bN/1P3p1k/BrPPPP2/1ppppppK/7p/8/1PP5/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
N-/0-0-0/19 8/pp6/8/8/8/1PPPkPP1/bPPR1rPn/2KR1QB1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
N-/0-0/23 7n/1p3ppp/8/8/6PN/2PPkPPp/1PrR1RPr/2bQ1RK1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
NxQ/NxQ/17 8/3p4/8/8/8/2P1P3/PPRPrPPP/k1KRrn1N Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 10.04.2007
NxR/NxR/16 2brn1Nb/1ppRKpkB/3pp1pp/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
NxR/PxN=R/12 8/8/8/8/8/6PP/1P1PP1PK/2BRrk1N Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
NxR/P-=B/12 8/8/8/8/8/1PPP4/nPKP1P2/k1NRb3 Mario Richter rml 19.03.2007
NxB/NxB/19 8/5p2/8/8/8/PP2P3/pP1PrPPP/KNBnrkqQ Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 10.04.2007
NxN/NxN/17 8/8/8/8/8/P1P5/RPrPPPPk/KBnbNQR1 Roberto Osorio, Jorge Lois, Andrew Buchanan rml 28.03.2007
NxN/P--/26 qbbB1KN1/pprkrBp1/2ppp1p1/7p/8/1P2P3/P1PP1PPP/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 23.02.2007
NxN/0-0/24 8/1p2pppp/p3p2B/6n1/6P1/4kPPB/1PPR1RPr/2BQ1RK1 Werner Keym rml 12.03.2007
NxP/NxP/25 6nK/1p1ppp1N/5Pqr/5prb/5PrR/4PRQn/3PRQ2/4B2k Werner Keym rml 09.05.2007
NxP/P-/17 5k1K/3pRP2/p3prqN/5prr/6pr/7b/6P1/8 Werner Keym rml 17.04.2007
P-/P-/8 8/8/8/8/8/4P1P1/3Prp1P/5K1k Wolfgang Dittmann feenschach 64
P-/PxB/11 8/8/8/8/1P6/b1P5/pPrPP3/K1kB4 B.Schwarzkopf, W.Keym & A.Buchanan rml 04.04.2007
P-/PxN/11 8/8/8/8/8/P1P1P3/pP1PrP2/bk1K4 Werner Keym rml 11.12.2007
P-/PxQ=Q/15 8/8/8/8/P7/1PPP4/b1KRPPPP/q1N1kB2 Werner Keym rml 02.04.2007
P-/PxR=Q/16 8/8/8/8/1P6/4PPPP/1PPPrk1K/2BRrq1Q Werner Keym rml 11.12.2007
P-/PxN=Q/11 8/8/8/8/7P/5PPR/3PPk1K/4bq1n Werner Keym rml 02.04.2007
P-/P-=R/14 bRr1B3/k1pKpp1p/ppp3p1/8/8/8/8/8 Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
P-/PxN=R/12 8/8/8/8/7P/5PPR/3PPk1K/4brnn Werner Keym rml 02.04.2007
P-/P-=B/9 8/8/8/8/8/6P1/2P1PP1P/3bRK1k Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
P-/P-=N/11 8/8/8/8/8/5P1P/1PP1PRP1/nRK1k3 Bernd Schwarzkopf feenschach 64
P-/PxQ=N/13 8/8/8/8/8/P4P1P/1PPPPRP1/2Bk1Kn1 Werner Keym rml 24.02.2007
P-/PxN=N/11 8/8/8/8/8/5P2/P1PPP1P1/k1KRnB2 Werner Keym rml 28.03.2007
P-/P--/13 8/3ppp1p/7P/6pK/8/5PPk/4P1pp/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 06.03.2007
P-/0-0-0/18 8/P2pp3/1pp3p1/8/PP6/pkPP4/pB1P2P1/2KR4 Werner Keym Koenig & Turm May 2007
P-/0-0/18 8/2p1p2P/5pp1/7P/6Pp/P3PPkp/1P2PR2/5RK1 Werner Keym Koenig & Turm May 2007
PxQ/PxQ/24 4BKBn/3ppRBP/5p1p/6p1/1P6/P1P5/pbrPP3/Nbkb4 Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 03.04.2007
PxQ/0-0/23 8/p2pppp1/8/5p2/6P1/2PPkPPB/1PrR1RPr/2bn1RK1 Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 12.03.2007
PxR/PxR/21 kB3b2/ppP1p1p1/2pp4/8/8/2PP2P1/PPp1P1P1/Kb3B2 Andrew Buchanan rml 02.04.2007
PxB/PxB/16 8/Pp2p3/kpp5/p7/P7/KPP3P1/pP2P2P/8 Andrew Buchanan rml 02.04.2007
PxB/0-0-0/19 8/P1pp3p/1p6/Bp6/PP6/pkPP4/qB1P2P1/2KR4 Werner Keym Koenig & Turm May 2007
PxB/0-0/18 8/4pp1P/6p1/6pb/5PPR/4PPkp/1P2PR2/5RK1 Werner Keym Koenig & Turm May 2007
PxN/PxN/16 6BK/1p1p1ppP/7p/8/8/P7/pPP1P1P1/kb6 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio rml 31.03.2007
PxN/0-0-0/20 8/7p/7p/8/8/1PPPkPP1/bPPR1rPb/2KR1nQb Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
PxN/0-0/17 8/8/8/8/6P1/2PPkPPB/1PpR1RPr/2BQ1RK1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
PxP/PxP/17 8/ppp3P1/2pp4/8/4P3/7P/p1PPPkPK/4bq2 Werner Keym Die Schwalbe 225 (June 2007)
PxP/0-0-0/20 N7/P1pp1p1p/pp5p/8/P7/PkPP4/pB1P2P1/2KR4 Werner Keym Koenig & Turm May 2007
PxP/0-0/20 8/p3pp1P/p5p1/7P/5PPp/4PRpk/1P2PB1N/5RK1 Werner Keym Koenig & Turm May 2007
P-=Q/P-=Q/20 5bnQ/4prB1/5pkP/6p1/6P1/5PKp/4PRb1/5BNq Andrew Buchanan rml 03.03.2007
PxQ=Q/PxQ=Q/24 1Qrb4/1Prpp3/krp5/pp6/6PP/5PRK/3PPRp1/4BRq1 Andrew Buchanan rml 28.03.2007
PxB=Q/PxB=Q/26 4nQrQ/2pp1ppK/2pp4/8/8/PP6/b1PPkPP1/nN1brqqN Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 25.07.2007
PxN=Q/PxN=Q/23 4nQQB/2pp1ppK/3p4/8/8/5P2/PPPPkrP1/3bbqqN Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 25.07.2007
P-=R/P-=R/20 Rnb5/1kpp4/brp5/1p6/6P1/5PRB/4PPK1/5BNr Andrew Buchanan rml 12.03.2007
P-=R/P-=B/14 bRr1B3/k1pKpp2/ppp5/8/8/8/6P1/7b Mario Richter rml 09.05.2007
PxQ=R/PxQ=R/23 nRr1n3/1ppKp1p1/1p1pp3/8/8/3PP3/1P1PkPP1/3N1RrN Osorio/Lois/Buchanan rml 17.04.2007
PxR=R/PxR=R/20 5bRq/3pp1pk/6pp/8/8/1P4PP/2PPP1PK/5BrN Roberto Osorio/Jorge Lois/Werner Keym/Andrew Buchanan rml 09.05.2007
PxB=R/PxB=R/16 5bRK/4p1pR/5p1p/8/8/5P1P/4P1Pr/5Brk Werner Keym rml 24.02.2007
PxB=R/PxN=R/15 KRb5/Rp1p4/p1p5/8/8/6P1/4P1Pk/5Brb Andrew Buchanan rml 28.03.2007
PxB=R/PxB=N/16 5bRK/4p1pR/5p1p/8/8/5P1P/4P1Pr/5Bnk Werner Keym rml 24.02.2007
PxN=R/PxN=R/14 BRb5/Kp1p4/1p6/8/8/6P1/4P1Pk/5Brb Andrew Buchanan rml 28.03.2007
PxN=R/PxB=N/15 KNb5/Rp1p4/p1p5/8/8/6P1/4P1Pk/5Brb Andrew Buchanan rml 28.03.2007
P-=B/P-=B/10 K1krB3/p1pp1p2/8/8/8/8/6P1/7b Andrew Buchanan rml 19.02.2007
P-=B/P-=N/12 Nrk1K3/1pp1prp1/5p2/8/8/8/1P6/b7 Mario Richter rml 12.03.2007
P-=B/0-0-0/21 8/4pp1p/6p1/8/8/1PPPkPP1/brPR1RP1/2KR1Qrb Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
P-=B/0-0/18 8/8/8/8/6P1/2PPkPPB/1PrR1RPr/b1bQ1RK1 Werner Keym, Bernd Schwarzkopf rml 04.03.2007
PxQ=B/PxQ=B/25 2brkBRB/1p1p1ppK/8/8/8/1P4PN/1P1PNPrr/3bRBbR Roberto Osorio, Jorge Lois & Werner Keym rml 09.05.2007
PxR=B/PxR=B/24 NrbbNQBk/1PppBKp1/1p1p1pp1/8/8/8/1PP1P1PP/1b6 Lois & Osorio rml 17.04.2007
PxB=B/PxB=B/25 2brkBRB/pp1p1ppK/8/8/8/1P6/1P1PNPPN/2BbRQRq Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 09.05.2007
PxN=B/PxN=B/24 2brrkBQ/1p1pp1pp/6p1/8/8/1P6/PP1PP1P1/qbKRRB2 Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 25.02.2007
P-=N/P-=N/16 Nrk5/1ppRp3/3p4/8/8/4P3/3PrPP1/5KRn Andrew Buchanan rml 19.02.2007
P-=N/0-0-0/22 8/8/8/8/3PPPP1/1PPrkprB/bPPR1Np1/2KR1Qnn Werner Keym rml 17.03.2007
PxQ=N/PxQ=N/24 kNb2b2/rp1pppp1/p1p5/8/8/5P1P/1PPPP1PR/2B2BnK Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois rml 03.03.2007
PxQ=N/0-0/19 8/6p1/7p/8/6P1/2PPkPPB/1PrR1RPr/2Bn1RK1 Werner Keym rml 04.03.2007
PxR=N/PxR=N/24 1NQQB3/1pRKppp1/p1p5/8/8/4P1P1/1PPkrP1P/2bbqn2 Buchanan, Osorio/Lois, Keym rml 17.04.2007
PxB=N/PxB=N/16 5bNK/4p1pR/5p1p/8/8/5P1P/4P1Pr/5Bnk Werner Keym rml 24.02.2007
PxN=N/PxN=N/22 1Nqkrb2/1pppp1p1/p7/8/8/7P/1P1PPPP1/2BRKQn1 R.Osorio, J.Lois & A.Buchanan rml 28.03.2007
P--/P--/17 8/2pp4/2p2PP1/4pKRP/4ppPk/7p/3PPP2/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym rml 28.03.2007