Equal Last Move Records

For each move type, e.g. plain moves, capturing moves, etc., find a twinning a) white to move, b) black to move a legal last move of the "same nature".

Dear friends,

I'm posting here the ELM updated status, correcting some mistakes in previous posting that were kindly indicated by Wener Keym. I repeat the complete presentation in order to make the things easier for newcomers. Many of the present records are waiting for improvements. You may send your originals via this RML or via private mail to me.




The move's nature is determined by the type of the piece/pieces involved (K, Q, R, B, N, P) and the type of movement (simple, straight promotion, simple capture, capturing promotion, e.p., pawn double step, O-O, O-O-O).

An ELM problem is not (in general) a Last Move type D one. The diagram could present many legal candidates to be the last move, but there is just one for a) and just one for b) that are of the same nature. On the contrary, all the Last Move type DD problems are particular ELM ones.

There are 60 theoretical cases (surely 57 in practice due to castlings and e.p. ??)

We are trying here to find the economy records (minimal pieces number). On top of records, I think that this stipulation could be used to compose some nice problems with many tries.

Some examples are a light variation of the previous Type B ones and they are indicated as such.

Dates are reception ones.

I included the reference of the Last Move Type DD record (Type DD is the particular Type D cases where the last move is of the same nature both for WTM and BTM) in the form of DDxx, where xx is the number of pieces in the corresponding DD record. For instance, in the following first case the move is K-, after that DD12 indicates that the DD record uses 12 pieces, and after that (3+2=5) means that the ELM record uses 3 white pieces and 2 black pieces, total 5. Then, the FEN, author and reception date.


K- DD12 3+2=5 8/8/8/6R1/7k/8/7K/6Rb Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
KxQ DD24 1+11=12 3nK2k/ppppp2p/4p2n/7p/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 14.06.2007
KxR DD22 3+3=6 bK6/8/bk6/NP6/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
KxB DD14 2+3=5 K1k5/2rp4/2P5/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym, 09.05.2007
KxN DD10 3+2=5 K7/8/k7/P7/8/8/7b/6Q1 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
KxP DD24 1+5=6 8/8/8/1q1r4/k7/n1K5/5q2/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
Q- DD13 5+4=9 8/8/8/8/1p6/Pp6/qPP1k3/1QK5 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 11.6.2007
QxQ DD?? 9+3=12 8/8/8/8/8/4P1PP/1K1kPBPq/3N1Q1b Bernd Schwarzkopf, 22.06.2007
QxR DD?? 7+2=9 8/8/8/8/1N6/kPP5/q1PP4/1QK5 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 21.06.2007
QxB DD?? 7+3=10 8/8/8/8/8/PK2B3/1pN1R3/QRqk4 Bernd Schwarzkopf 21.06.2007
QxN DD12 5+2=7 8/8/8/8/8/P7/1PP5/qQK1k3 Thierry Le Gleuher, 14.05.07
QxP DD26 9+2=11 4K2B/7k/7N/6RQ/5N1q/5PPP/8/8 Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
R- DD13 5+3=8 8/8/8/8/1p6/P7/rPP1k3/1RK5 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 08.06.2007
RxQ DD17 10+3=13 8/8/8/8/8/P1P5/rP1PPPPP/kr1RK3 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
RxR DD?? 8+2=10 8/8/8/8/BPK5/1R1P4/BNk5/r1B5 Bernd Schwarzkopf,
Roberto Osorio,
Jorge Lois, 21.06.2007
RXB DD18 4+4=8 8/8/8/8/1p6/p7/rPP1k3/1RK5 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 08.06.2007
RXN DD9 3+4=7 8/8/8/8/8/np6/rP2k3/1RK5 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 08.06.2007
RxP DD25 6+2=8 8/8/4K3/8/7P/4N1NR/5Pr1/6k1 Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
B- DD12 7+4=11 8/8/1p6/b7/8/P2P4/P1kPP3/K1Bb4 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 9.05.2007
BxQ DD24 9+2=11 8/8/6P1/4PPP1/7B/5P1P/5KPb/7k Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
BxR DD11 2+6=8 5b1B/4pK1k/5ppp/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 21.06.2007
BxB DD27 6+4=10 4RBkb/3Pp2p/4KPP1/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
BxN DD11 6+2=8 8/8/8/8/8/4P1PP/5BPb/4K2k Bernd Schwarzkopf, 06.06.2007
BxP DD26 8+3=11 8/8/6P1/6P1/3K1P1B/7N/5PPb/6nk Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
N- DD11 5+2=7 8/8/8/8/8/5K2/4PPPk/6Nn Bernd Schwarzkopf, 08.06.2007
NxQ DD17 3+4=7 6Nk/4p1Rn/4K2p/8/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym, 24.06.07
NxR DD16 3+5=8 5BNk/4pK1n/7P/6P1/8/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 23.06.2007
NXB DD19 2+7=9 5KNr/4r1np/4p3/5k1b/8/8/8/8 Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois, 09.06.07
NXN DD17 5+3=8 8/8/8/8/7P/4K1kP/6Pn/6Nb Bernd Schwarzkopf, 12.06.2007
NxP DD25 7+3=11 8/8/8/5P2/5KPn/7p/6PN/5BBk Valentin Blacker
Die Schwalbe, Oct. 2007
P- DD8 2+2=4 8/8/8/8/8/6P1/7p/5K1k Roberto Osorio, 20.04.2007
P-- DD17  3+3=6 8/7p/7P/6pK/5k1P/8/8/8 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
PxQ DD24 3+7=10 8/8/8/8/4N1K1/5P1P/6Pp/4BkNb Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
PxR DD21 7+2=9 8/8/8/4KR2/7P/7P/6Pp/5BkN Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
PxB DD16 6+2=8 8/8/8/4KN2/7P/7P/6Pp/6Nk Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
PxN DD16 5+2=7 8/6K1/7P/8/8/7P/6Pp/6Nk Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
PxP DD18 5+2=7 8/4K3/8/8/7P/5N1N/6Pp/7k Bernd Schwarzkopf, Werner Keym, 09.05.2007
P-=Q DD20 5+2=7 7Q/8/8/7P/8/6K1/6P1/5Bkq Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
P-=R DD20 5+2=7 7R/8/8/8/8/6P1/5K1P/5Brk Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
P-=B DD10 2+3=5 7B/6p1/8/8/8/7K/8/6bk Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
P-=N DD16 2+4=6 7N/8/8/8/8/8/5pr1/3k1K1n Bernd Schwarzkopf, 09.05.2007
PxQ=Q DD24 2+12=14 nQr1n3/1ppKp1p1/kp1pp3/8/8/8/8/7q Werner Keym, 09.05.2007
PxQ=R DD23 5+6=11 6R1/4Kpp1/5ppN/8/8/8/1R6/krN5 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 12.06.2007
PxQ=B DD25 2+11=13 2b1B3/pp1pp1p1/6p1/8/8/1k6/2rp4/bK6 Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
PxQ=N DD24 2+10=12 2b2Nr1/1p1p1ppK/4p1p1/8/8/8/7k/6n1 Werner Keym, 21.06.2007
PXR=Q DD?? 3+6=9 4rnQ1/5Kp1/8/8/8/5P1k/4r3/6q1 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio, 14.06.07
PxR=Q DD? 2+8=10 nQb5/Kp6/3p4/8/n7/1p6/2k5/q7 Werner Keym 18.6.2007 3+6=9
PxR=B DD24 2+8=10 4rnBr/5Kp1/4r3/8/8/1p6/2k5/b7 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio, 2.06.07
PxR=N DD24 3+6=9 5bNN/6pK/6p1/8/8/6p1/5k2/7n Bernd Schwarzkopf, 22.06.2007
PxB=Q DD26 2+6=8 5nQK/5pr1/8/8/8/1p6/2k5/q7 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio/14.06.07
PxB=R DD16 5+2=7 R7/2K5/1R6/8/8/P7/k7/rR6 Bernd Schwarzkopf/9.05.2007
PxB=B DD25 2+6=8 5nBK/5pr1/8/8/8/1p6/2k5/b7 Jorge Lois, Roberto Osorio & Werner Keym, 23.06.07
PXB=N DD16 4+3=7 7N/5K1k/6R1/6Q1/8/8/8/6bn Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois, 16.06.07
PxN=Q DD23 5+2=7 5nQK/5pr1/8/8/8/8/2k5/1q6 Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois, 16.06.07
PxN=R DD14 4+2=6 1R6/2K5/8/8/8/P7/k7/rR6 Bernd Schwarzkopf, 9.05.2007
PxN=B DD24 2+7=9 5bBn/6pK/4p3/7k/8/8/8/6nb Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio, 2.06.07
PxN=N DD22 2+5=7 6KN/5r1r/6n1/8/8/8/2k5/1n6 Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio, 2.06.07