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1995, Page 2

11 - Erich Friedmann
Retro mailing List, 30.07.1995


9+7. Last 3 single moves?


12c - Erich Friedmann
Retro Mailing List, 01.08.1995


14+8. a) Show that Black castled b) Determine on which fields White's rooks were captured


13 - Colin Hogben
Retro Mailing List, 02.08.1995
("My first attempt")


10+6. Last two single moves?


14 - Eric Angelini
Retro Mailing List, 03.08.1995

[1nbqkbnr/1pppppp1/8/p7/8/PPPP4/RNBK4/RNBQ4] [Solution]

12+14. What was Black's 15th and last move?


15 - Eric Angelini
Retro Mailing List, 22.08.1995
Dedicated to Glenn Giba and Colin Hogben

[rnbqkbnK/pppppp1p/6p1/8/8/1P6/P1PPPPPP/RNBQ1BNR] [Solution]

16+15. White made 18 moves in this game. What was White's last move?


16 - Eric Angelini
Retro Mailing List, 03.09.1995
Dedicated to Top and Joost
(Version of No. 15)

[rnb1k1nK/pp5p/6p1/8/8/1P6/P1PPPPPP/RNBQ1BNR] [Solution]

16+9. Position after White's 16th move. What was the last Queen move of the game?


17 - Eric Angelini
Retro mailing List, 23.08.1995
Dedicated to Don French

[1nbqkbnr/1ppppppp/8/8/8/8/KPPPPPPP/6r1] [Solution]

8+15. White played 15 moves in this game: Which ones?


18 - Joost de Heer
Retro Mailing List, 25.8.1995
("My first SPG" -- Unfortunately, this problem was later found to be cooked, so Joost's first sound SGP is No. 28)


16+16. Shortest proof game in 12 moves


19 - Eric Angelini
Retro Mailing List, 5.9.1995
Dedicated to Mario Velucchi


12+14. Last move of the game was an e.p. capture. Which castling is forbidden?


20 - Eric Angelini
Retro Mailing List, 06.09.1995
Dedicated to Pascal Wassong

[n3k2n/ppp1p1p1/7p/8/8/7P/PPP1P1P1/N3K2R] [Solution]

9+9. White just made a capture; is he still allowed to castle?