The Problemist

March 2009

R407 - S.N. Ravi Shankar

The Problemist, March 2009

-1. Be6-g8 [Black can't add a piece because he'd be retrostalemate]
Kg8-h8 [White adds a wS on h8] -2. Sf7-h8

- If black decides that something was uncaptured on h8, then 1. Sh6#

- If black decides that nothing was uncaptured on h8, then 1. Se5 Kh8 2.

R408 - Cedric Lytton, Dom Cyprian Stockford

The Problemist, March 2009

One of the blacksquared bishops is promoted. If white can still castle,
then the g-pawn must've captured g3xh2xg1, and all missing white units
are accounted for. wPe6 fell on e6, wPf promoted on g8 after capturing
the queen, and wPd promoted on d8, after passing d7, so black can't
castle. If black castling is allowed, then the g-pawn promoted after
capturing both pawns, and the wPd captured the queen and was captured on e6.

a) 1.OOO! [2. Rd8#] Sd~/Sd6 2. Qf7/Qe7#

b) 1.Rad1! [2. Rd8#] Sd~/Sd6/OO 2. Qf7/Qe7/Sh6#

F2712 - Ronald Turnbull

The Problemist, March 2009

-1. Kc7-c8[+wPc7]?? retro-stalemate

-1. Kd8-c8 Kb8xSa8 -2. Sc7-a8[wPc7] Ka8-b8 -3. Se8-c7 Kb8-a8 -4. e7-e8=S
Ka8-b8 -5. Ke7-d8[+wPe7]

A - Mark Thornton

The Problemist, March 2009

1. Nc3 g6 2. Nd5 Bg7 3. Nxe7 Bxb2 4. Nxg8 Bg7 5. Ne7 f6 6. Nxc8 O-O 7. Ne7+ Kh8 8. Ng8 Rxg8 (To g8, away from g8, to g8)

B - Mark Thornton

The Problemist, March 2009

1. g4 e6 2. g5 Ba3 3. g6 Bxb2 4. gxh7 g6 5. hxg8=N Bg7 6. Ne7 f6 7. Nxc8 O-O 8. Ne7+ Kh8 9. Ng8 Rxg8 (And the same with a promoted pawn)

C - Itamar Faybish

The Problemist, March 2009

1. c4 h5 2. c5 h4 3. c6 h3 4. cxb7 hxg2 5. bxa8=B gxf1=B 6. Bg2 g5 7. f3 g4 8. Kf2 g3+ 9. Ke3 gxh2 10. Bxf1 (Schnoebelen-bishop on f1 is replaced by a Pronkin bishop)

Michel Caillaud, RML, 25.Mar.2009: This idea was proposed to solvers in Messigny 2007:

Eric Pichouron & Michel Caillaud Phenix 2007
1.a4 f5 2.a5 f4 3.a6 f3 4.axb7 fxg2 5.bxa8=B gxf1=B 6.Bg2 d5 7.d4 Qd6 8.Kd2 Qh6+ 9.Kc3 Be6 10.Bxf1.

The diagram position is more attractive in Itamar's rendering but the content is the same.