16th RIFACE, Messigny, 1995

Awarded Problems

This composition tourney was held during the 16th RIFACE (an annual French meeting for chess composition enthusiasts) in Messigny, June 2nd-5th, 1995. The tourney asked for dual-free SPGs displaying switchbacks to the home square of moving units.

Awarded by Thierry le Gleuher.

1 - Michel Caillaud
1st Prize 16th RIFACE, Messigny 1995


16+13. Shortest proof game in 16.0 moves

Link: Solution

2 - Claude Beaubestre
2nd Prize 16th RIFACE, Messigny 1995
(This problem was later found to be cooked)


13+14. Shortest proof game in 20.5 moves

Link: Solution

3 - Pascal Wassong
1st Hon. Mention 16th RIFACE, Messigny 1995


15+14. Shortest proof game in 4.5 moves; a) Diagram b) Pa2 -> h2

Link: Solution