The Retrograde Analysis Corner

Philippe Schnoebelen, 23 Apr 1995

I have been building a WWW page for Retrograde Analysis. It is still under
construction but I believe you may find it interesting anyway. 
My aims are 
(1) to attract chess players to the field by providing some
introductory material they are not likely to get in a chess club (perhaps
in Smullyan's books ?), and 
(2) to make widely available the recent retros that are published
regurlarly in scattered places (magazines, ...).
So take your Web browser (mosaic, netscape, whatever, ...) and point it to
the following URL:
I believe this page can become very useful for us privileged
Internet-connected retro-lovers. It will become all the more useful if
several people can help in keeping it up-to-date. That's why I am really
open to all suggestions, offers, comments, ...