Richard Sabey, 5 Apr 1995

Is it legal to e-mail published problems? What must I do to keep within the
copyright law? I'd give the information on the author and source as given in
the publication, of course.

Philippe Schnoebelen, 5 Apr 1995

My understanding is that you are allowed to reproduce any problem (provided
you quote author, etc.) in the same way as you are allowed to publish chess
game scores. The copyright law cover the comments that may be published
alongside a problem (e.g. when the problem is quoted in a article) or
alongside the game score (typically when the game score is published in a
chess magazine). In any case, the actual practice is that problem magazines
quote problems from other sources without asking for any kind of
I am no expert on these legal matters, so please all of you people from the
list correct me if I am wrong because these matters may be quite bothering.