Record "Who's Move is it?"

Richard Sabey, 5 Apr 1995

According to "Guinness chess, the records", a problem by Troitsky, published
in "Deutsche Schachzeitung" in 1914, has the rubric "Whose move is it?".
This problem is to be solved by retroanalysing 53 moves, all the way back to
the start of the game. It turns out that it's White's move.
I can see how it's possible to place the men so as to make it possible to
determine the last few single-moves. In all such retro problems I've seen,
the reason why you can determine them is that either check is involved, or
the position is so cramped that it's hard to avoid retrostalemate. But 53
moves? And to the start of the game?
Does anyone have the position, and the moves leading up to it?