Retros in a Novel!

Philippe Schnoebelen, 21 Mar 1995

This summer I had the opportunity to read "Flanders Panel" (this is the
English title), a 1990 crime novel by best-selling Spanish author Arturo
The plot revolves around an ancient painting featuring two historical
celebrities playing a chess game. Today the painting is kept in
contemporary Madrid, where murders begin to occur when it is understood
that a retrograde analysis of the position on the depicted chess board
gives clues about ancient (and recent) crimes.
This is the only case I know of a retro-problem playing some part in a
novel (quite some part here). I'd guess the author was inspired by
Smullyan's Sherlock Holmes book, that I will not count as a novel.
Who knows anything about the author's background ?  Who knows other similar
instances ?

Joseph Kisenwether, 21 Mar 1995

There was a short science fiction story published years ago in the Isaac Asimov
Science Fiction Magazine, entitled Retrograde Analysis. I don't recall the authors
name (nor the issue number, sorry) 
The story was about a time traveler who, as an experiment in what would happen
if one made a major change in the past went back to help Lasker win the World
Championship match that de-throned him. There was no actual retro-analysis in 
the story, but it did make an interesting analogy between retro-analysis and 
time travel.

Philippe Schnoebelen, 19 May 1995

<> just wrote me that there exists a short story,
"The black bishop", by Alois Wotawa (Austrian problem composer) where
Sherlock Holmes solves a murder with the help of retrograde analysis. This
story is in German.
I am interested into any additional info, e.g.
* Has it been translated in English ? (or any other language)
* How many problems does it contain ? Perhaps somebody can post the most
interesting retro-material from the story.

Hans Gruber, 23 May 1995

Philippe asked about the Wottawa story. Here are some details.
Author: Alois Wottawa
Title: Eine verhaengnisvolle Schachpartie (Aus den Aufzeichnungen des 
Dr. James Watson)
Published in: Auf Spurensuche mit Schachfiguren
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter, Berlin
Year: 1965
Pages: 191-204
Number of "retros": 1
Number of diagrams: 2