Valerian Onitiu
1st Prize Die Schwalbe 1934


15+10. Wh. retracts one move and mates in 1


Retract -1. O-O-O !!. Now it can be proven that Bl. last move is -1 ... g7-g5:

"After" the retraction of -1. O-O-O, single bl. cap is h6xBg5. Wh. caps include b2xc3, c2xd3, exf and Bc8 at home. bPe7 could not promote on e1 because Wh. may still castle. So that bPe7 was captured on its column. Same for bPa7, so that all caps are localized. bPc7 did promote on c1=B. We may also precise that, because wKe1 did never move, the bRf2 reached f2 through f3 so that exf really was e2xf3.

The position unlocks by reconducting wBh7 on f1 and retracting e2xf3: -1 ... g7-g5 -2. Be4-h7 g5-g4 -3. Bc6xPe4 e5-e4 -4. Ba4-c6 e6-e5 -5. Bd1xPa4 a5-a4 -6. Be2-d1 a6-a5 -7. Bf1-e2 a7-a6 -8. e2xQ/Nf3 and the position unlocks just before Bl. is retropat. Retracting -1 ... g6-g5?? -2. Bg8-h7 g7-g6 -3. Bh7-g8 is too slow.

-1 ... g7-g5 is the only possible last move (indeed, last 13 single moves are completely determined). So that forward 1. h5xg6 ep # works.