No. 117 , Apr. 1996 - SOLUTIONS

3512 - Andrey Kornilov

Bl. caps include hxg, fxg & cxd. The additional caps are one cross-capture a-b (bl. or wh.) and one cross-capture e-f (bl. or wh.) For balance, the wPh2 was promoted on h8. The position unlocks by unpromoting the wN on h8, reconducting a wP to h4 or h3, so that bPhxg can be retracted. It proves quite tricky to allow the wNe8 on h8. Wh. will need two tempi to bypass two retro-oppositions: they are given by his wPa4.


-1. Nc7-e8+ Nb8-d7
-2. Na8-c7 Na6-b8
-3. Nc7-a8 Nd7-f8
-4. Na8-c7 Nc7-a6
-5. a3-a4 Ne8-c7
-6. Nc7-a8 Ng7-e8
-7. Na8-c7 Nb8-d7
-8. Nc7-a8 Na6-b8
-9. Na8-c7 Nc7-a6
-10. a2-a3 Ne8-c7
-11. Nc7-a6 Nf8-h7
-12. Na6-c7 Nc7-e8
-13. Nb8-a6 Ne8-g7
-14. Nd7-b8 Nh7-f8
-15. Nf8-d7 g7-g6
-16. Ng6-f8 Nf8-h7
-17. Nh8-g6 ...
-18-21. h4-...-h8=N h5xg4

and everything unlocks. The a-b cross-caps are bl., the e-f cross-caps are wh.

3513c - A. Zolotarev

Author's intention is add wRe7, bPb5, bPg4. T. Le Gleuher multi-cooked with adding wQe7, or wNe7, or wBe7, or wRe7 and bPg4. Here is my cook:

It is possible to add wh. Q/R/N/B on e7 and get a legal position. Retract

-1. Rg7xRg5+ Bg6xPf7
-2. Ne2-g3 Rg3xPg5+
-3. Nc3-e2

then unlock with the following sequence

1) reconduct wBg6 to f1,
2) retract wPe2xBf3,
3) unpromote bBh4 on a1, drive the bPa back to a6,
4) unpromote the wh. Q/R/N/B e7 on b8, retract wPaxbPb.

(Of course, it is possible to swap the uncaptured bPf7 and bBf3).

3514 - Andrey Frolkin

The position unlocks by retracting wPe6xd7 [=bP] but this requires we first unpromote bPe7 on e1. Retract

-1. b2-b3+ Nc3xPa2 [=wN]
-2. g5-g6 Ne4-c3
-3. g4-g5 Ng5-e4
-4. Nf3xPg5 [=bN] g6-g5
-5. Nh4-f3 Nf3xPh4 [=wN]
-6. h3-h4 Ne1-f3
-7. h2-h3 e2-e1=N
-8. g3-g4 e3-e2
-9. g2-g3 e4-e3
-10. f3-f4 e5-e4
-11. f2-f3 e7-e5
-12. e6xNd7 [=bP]

and everything unlocks. The 2nd wQ is the original bQ after she captured wBc1.