Champagne Tourney 2002

Awarded Problems - SOLUTIONS

This quick composition tourney was held during the 45th World Congress of Chess Composition in Portoroz (Slovenia). The tourney asked for diagonal-orthogonal correspondence between 2 elements of the solution(s).

Judge: Míchel Caillaud (who also commented the problems)

1 - Reto Aschwanden (Switzerland)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
1st Prize

2 promoted pieces, a Bishop and a Rook, perform a "square" circuit. En passant, the Donati-50 theme, with only the necessary white moves.

1.d4 a5 2.d5 a4 3.d6 a3 4.d?#8212;ç7 d5 5.g4 Be6 6.ç8=B Qd6 7.B?#8212;b7 Sd7 8.Bç6 0-0-0 9.g5 Sç5 10.Bd7+ Kb7 11.g6 Ka6 12.g?#8212;f7 g6 13.f?#8212;g8=R Bh6 14.Rg7 Rdg8 15.Rf7 Rg7 16.Rf8 Bf7 17.Rg8 e6 18.Bç8+

2 - Paz Einat, Gady Costeff, Ofer Comay (Israel)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
2nd Prize

An orthogonal and a diagonal Excelsior. A picturesque idea!

1.ç4 a5 2.ç5 Ra7 3.ç6 b?#8212;ç6 4.d4 Ba6 5.d5 ç?#8212;d5 6.e4 d?#8212;e4 7.Sf3 e?#8212;f3 8.b4 f?#8212;g2 9.b5 g?#8212;h1=Q 10.b6 Bb5 11.b7 Sa6 12.b8=R Q?#8212;h2 13.R?#8212;d8+

3 - Ivan Denkovski, Gligor Denkovski (Makedonia)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
Special HM

The thematic elements are the Zepler-Turton maneuvers with wKa1 and wRb1 on orthogonal line and wPe6 and bBf5 on diagonal line. But other elements of the rich solution (Ceriani-Frolkin,...) make the theme appear not so clear as in the prized problems.

1.h4 d5 2.Rh3 d4 3.Re3 d?#8212;e3 4.Sç3 Qd3 5.e?#8212;d3 Bh3 6.Qf3 é2 7.g4 e?#8212;f1=R+ 8.Ke2 R?#8212;ç1 9.Qg3 Rf1 10.Re1 h5 11.Kd1 Rh6 12.Kç1 Re6 13.Kb1 Re2 14.Ka1 e6 15.Rb1 Bç5 16.Sd1 Be3 17.f?#8212;e3 Rf5 18.g?#8212;f5 g5 19.f?#8212;e6 Bf5 20.Qe1 g4

4 - Joost de Heer (Netherlands)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
1st HM

Tempo oscillations performed by wRh1 then by wBf1 with help of a well-known introductive play.

1.Sf3 a5 2.Sd4 a4 3.Sb3 a?#8212;b3 4.a3 Ra4 5.Ra2 b?#8212;a2 6.Rg1 a?#8212;b1=S 7.Rh1 Sç3 8.Rg1 Sd5 9.Rh1 Se3 10.Rg1 d5 11.Rh1 Bh3 12.Rg1 e6 13.Rh1 Qf6 14.Rg1 Qf3 15.g?#8212;f3 Bg2 16.h3 Bh1 17.Rg6 h?#8212;g6 18.Bg2 Rh5 19.Bf1 Re5 20.Bg2 f5 21.Bf1 Sf6 22.Bg2

5 - Igor Vereschagin (Russia)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
2nd HM

Clearcut realization with a diagonal and an orthogonal double check.

1.a4 g6 2.Ra3 Bg7 3.Re3 Bç3 4.d?#8212;ç3 Kf8 5.Q?#8212;d7 Kg7 6.Qe8 Bd7 7.Kd2 Kh6 8.Kd3 Bb5++ 9.Ke4 Qd1 10.Rh3++

6 - Marek Kolcak (Slovakia)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
1st Com

Almost all the moves are thematic in this elementary but ingenious problem! A piece (Rook or Bishop) goes to free a piece that will take its place.

1.h4 e6 2.Rh3 Bb4 3.Rb3 Bç3 4.Rb6 a?#8212;b6 5.b?#8212;ç3 Ra4 6.Ba3 R?#8212;h4 7.Bf8 Rh1

7 - Bjorn Enemark (Danmark)
Champagne Tourney, Portoroz, 2002
2nd Com


The echo runs between the 3 moves of the white and black Queens.

1.d4 e5 2.Bg5 e?#8212;d4 3.Q?#8212;d4 Q?#8212;g5 4.Q?#8212;g7 Q?#8212;g2 5.Q?#8212;h7 Q?#8212;f1+ 6.K?#8212;f1 R?#8212;h7