The Ceriani Quartex

Nikolai Beluhov

This short article lists all problems from N. Plaksin and A. Zolotarev's paper 15+20 ili Kvarteksi Cheriani (15+20, or the Ceriani Quartexes). The first version of the paper was published in the Redkie Zhanri Plyus magazine, 65/1995. A later rework was then published in Zadachi i Etyudi, 19/1999. Both versions contain a list of over 60 references, mostly in Russian, including many newspaper articles.

The Ceriani theme, better known today as the Ceriani-Frolkin theme, consists in capturing a promoted piece of a precisely determined type. Clearly, the type of the promoted piece by the very formulation of the theme cannot be determined using retro-balances or retro-accountancy. This means that the piece's type must be determined solely by its function in the retro-play – this fact making the Ceriani-Frolkin theme one of the deepest and most fundamental themes in all of retro-analysis. In fact, one could say that the Ceriani theme is the pure essence of dynamic piece type determination [...]


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