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Puzzle Event Calendar Info Page

The intent of this Puzzle Event Calendar is to gather information about puzzle events from all over the world so that puzzlers can participate on these events.

Puzzle Events

There are several categories of puzzle events:

How to get informed

There are several options how to get informed about new puzzle events:

Questions and Discussions

Usually, additional information is provided by some Web page created the the event organizers. Additionally, an organizer may provide some means for questions and discussion, e.g. a Web forum or a mailing list. Note that the PEC Mailing List is not intended for such discussions.

However, if the organizer does not provide such discussion opportunity, the Puzzle Event Calendar forum can be used for this purpose.

How to Register to The Forum

To avoid spamming everyone who wants to post in the forum must register (read access is free without registration). Unfortunately, the very fest step of the registration process is in German – I cannot change this. Please proceed as described below:


In the second step you can chose your language. From this point on the registration process continues in the selected language and should be self-explanatory. Please provide a valid mail address (you can hide it in the profile settings to avoid spamming) because you must confirm your registration via email.


The PEC supports many user interface languages. However, currently there is no support of time zones. All dates and times are in GMT (UTC+0). You can lookup the date/time in your local time zone using the time zone sheet.

Maintenance of the Puzzle Event Calendar

The Puzzle Event Calendar (PEC) is maintained by the organizers of the events. To prevent spamming, an organizer needs to be authorized by the administrator of the PEC, that's currently me (Otto Janko). If you want write access to the PEC, please send me a mail me. For read access mo authorization is required.

What information should a organizer provide?

If you want to use the Puzzle Event Calendar forum for questions and discussions, please create a new thread for this event in advance and link directly to this thread.

Alternatively, you (the organizer) may send me a mail with all data needs (see above). In this case I'll create the calendar entry for you.

Important! Please do not create and delete entries just for testing, because each creation and deletion will create an RSS message and a mail on the mailing list.