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Littele Big Endian


Von: "John W. Krahn" <krahnj(at)acm.org>
Betreff: little/big endian
Datum: Dienstag, 8. August 2000 18:59

> Can anyone direct me on to how I deal w/the
> little/big/endian issue quickets and most efficient.

Well, I have heard that the traditional way is to break the eggs on the little side. But some people have recently decided that the big side yields are larger crack radius when hit with a silver spoon. Tests with stainless steel are in the works; other types of spoons are sure to be tested in the future. Unfortunately, the issue cannot be decided quickly, so the Big Endians and the Little Endians continue to be at each other's throats.

"I just don't see HOW a decent human being could crack an egg on the big side!" exclaimed one house-wife from Messoula, Montana. She followed it up with, "After all, we've been cracking them on the little side for years and it seems to work just fine."

"I refuse to be entrenched in the foolish notions of my ancestors!" cries one outspoken Little Endian at a local rally in Chicago. "Our ancestors obviously lacked the scientific evidence necessary to show that Big-Endianism is much more efficient than Little-Endianism. The march of progress must continue! Onward, Little-Endians!"

At this point in time, research seems to indicate that the Big-Endians produce a more efficient crack, yielding a smoother egg surface, but the Little-Endians win hands-down in the speed department. Only more research will truly show which faction has the best method.

(My appologies to Jonathan Swift.)