Puzzle Marathon @ LMI

Website: http://logicmastersindia.com/2016/04P/
Start: 01.04.2016
End: 12.04.2016

  • All puzzle grids in this test are marathon grids, i.e. they are much bigger in size than usual.
  • There is no fixed time limit for any puzzle. The challenge for solvers is to solve all of them in least amount of time.
  • The test will be open slightly for more than a week, with the idea that everyone can get around to solve all puzzles conveniently.
    Each puzzle can be started, solved and submitted independent of others, and in any order, anytime during the contest duration.

Sudoku Mahabharat @ LMI

Apart from classic Sudokus of different sizes, this episode has five variants based on irregular regions, namely Irregular Sudoku, Scattered Sudoku, Toroidal Sudoku, Deficit Sudoku and one Instructionless Sudoku. Authors: Akash Doulani, Amit Sowani, Gaurav Kumar Jain

Start: 12.03.2016
Ende: 14.03.2016


UK Sudoku and Puzzle Championships

URL: http://forum.ukpuzzles.org/viewtopic.php?t=1441&p=12855
Start: 27.02.2016
End: 28.02.2016

The Sudoku Tournament will be held on Saturday 27th February, 2016 and the Puzzle Tournament will be held from the evening of Saturday 27th and on Sunday 28th February, 2016. Both will take place at the Selsdon Park Hotel in Croydon, the site of the 2014 World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships.

These events will be used as part of the selection process for the UK teams for the World Sudoku Championships (WSC) and World Puzzle Championship (WPC) for 2016.;