Puzzle Ramayan

Rätselwettbewerb von Logic Master India:

Start: 28.11.2015
End: 30.11.2015


About Puzzle Ramayan

Puzzle Ramayan rounds will also serve as qualifiers for Indian Puzzle Championship for year 2016. Please check here for details.

About this episode

This episode has five puzzle types related to Region Division, namely Yin Yang, Spiral Galaxies, Fillomino, Area Division and Shikaku.

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Neue Rätsel zur Monatsmitte:

Hochhaus Wettbewerb 7

Skyscraper competition 7.

Start: 07.11.2015
End: 08.11.2015


The solving time is 120 minutes. The contest is running on Saturday and Sunday over 48 hours in total. Solutions can be submitted only in this time window; if you want to participate, you might want to start no later than 10pm on Sunday. The instruction file is already available. It does not contain any examples; feel free to ask questions about the puzzle variants in this thread.

Neue Rätsel auf www.janko.at

Die neue Rätselart des Monats ist Curving Road, erdacht von Inaba Naoki.

Und es gibt neue Levels zu Spielen:

Viel Spaß!