anderson’s Puzzle Blog

»anderson’s Puzzle Blog« ist ein neuer Blog mit klassischen Logikrätseln (z.B. Nurikabe, Yajilin, Arukone) sowie neuen und alten Varianten davon.

Der Autor stellt sich selbst vor:

„Due to a slight school schedule mishap (a particular online math course won’t start until October, and even so, I’ll still have 1-2 study halls a day), I’ll have quite a bit of time in my senior year to create logic puzzles when not doing homework or reading. As with many others, I’m making this blog to share puzzles with the rest of the world, so I hope you’ll enjoy solving them, even if they aren’t especially elegant or difficult. I’ll probably start by posting some puzzles that I’ve already made, and then update this once every few days or so, until I start getting too much homework.“

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